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Auto Finders/Carvana

Do you need help finding your next car?
At HALLCO we have 2 possibilities to help locate your next vehicle!

Auto Finders

As a concierge service, CU Auto Finders offers our members a hassle-free car buying experience. Once pre-approved, we will connect you with our personal car buying specialist to find the perfect vehicle! Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, we've negotiated pre-determined pricing, so you are getting the right price at the perfect time.

Credit Union Auto Finders


Carvana's goal is to revolutionize the car buying industry and make the process of buying a car as easy, stress free, and transparent as possible. CARVANA is now offering HALLCO members a better car buying experience without the struggle of dealing with a dealership or middleman.

With 100% of their stock being Carvana Certified, you can create a digital garage and have peace of mind knowing that you will be happy with the purchase.

  • Delivery to your door, neighborhood HALLCO branch, or Carvana Vending Machine
  • 7-day return policy
  • .50% off your interest rate towards your loan


So which car purchasing service option will work best for you?
Apply today and get ready to drive away happy!