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Loans and Services available to Residents of Hall, White, Dawson, and Lumpkin Counties

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Why Join A Credit Union?

Gainesville Branch
2601 Limestone Parkway
Gainesville, GA 30501

Oakwood Branch
3560 McEver Road, Suite A
Gainesville, GA 30504

Cleveland Branch
379 E. Kytle Street
Cleveland, GA 30528


Hours of Operation
Mon - Thur 8:00 - 5:00
Friday 8:00 - 6:00
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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Traveling Overseas?

Whether you’re going to visit family, headed abroad for your honeymoon or need to go away on business, HALLCO has some financial security tips to make sure you enjoy every minute of it!

  1. Let HALLCO know when you’ll be traveling outside the USA

    As a security precaution, if a credit or debit card charge occurs someplace out of the ordinary, your card may be flagged and blocked.

    One way we prevent and protect you from fraudulent activity is monitoring and detecting abnormal spending activity. A big factor when determining the legitimacy of a purchase is where the purchase is being made. To ensure there is no interruption with your spending approvals, notify us at least 48 hours in advance of international travel.  (770.534.4255 or 1.800.849.4255)

  2. Double check your account balance, credit limits, and card expiration dates

    In the shuffle of last minute packing and planning, be sure your balances and credit limits are in order and your cards won’t be declined simply because of the expiration dates. Check all your HALLCO accounts within Online Banking for peace of mind that you’re good to go.

  3. Carry a variety of payment options

    In addition to your debit and primary credit card, it’s a good idea to have a backup card and a small amount of cash carried separately from the others. In the event you lose your main cards, you’ll be prepared with alternate means to pay.

  4. Make note of issuer's contact number

    Before you leave, make a list of the issuer’s phone number for each card. This way, if your cards are lost or stolen, you have their contact information to immediately report the loss. Need help with a HALLCO card? Contact us at 770.534.4255 or 1.800.849.4255.


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